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How To Record Yourself Better With Your Smartphone

1. The Camera

If you will Record Yourself Better With Your Smartphone using your phone is fine. Just be sure that when you’re shooting your video you turn the phone so that it’s horizontal. If videos need to be edited they will all be on widescreen – so you need to shoot widescreen.

Keep the camera steady while you’re shooting, on a table, tripod or stable surface.

If you don’t have a tripod you can steady the camera by holding it with both hands and then bringing your elbows into your chest for support.

2. Location

Location is very important for Record Yourself Better With Your Smartphone. Choose a quiet space with lots of natural light that has a non-distracting background. Shooting outdoors is possible but you’ll need to shoot your subject in the shade (not direct sunlight).

Shooting indoors will usually give you more control over light. Pick a quiet room. Turn off any noisemaking equipment – like your refrigerator, heater, fan or air conditioner.

Position yourself facing a window so that the light hits your face evenly, unless you need to be anonymous.

3. Sound

The best way to record good audio is with an external microphone, but if you are doing it with a cell phone, make sure the mic is not covered.

You can also plug into the top of your iphone or ipad and you’re ready to record. You can shoot without an external mic but be sure that you are speaking with your best stage voice (loud enough). Important: Avoid empty indoor spaces with a lot of echo.

Be sure to be close to your microphone when shooting. Having your microphone as close to you as possible will give you the best audio quality. The closer you are, the better.

Important: If you are interviewing or talking to someone, don’t respond verbally with “Um hmm” or “Uh huh” because that will undermine your audio. Don’t talk until it’s time to ask another question.

4. Shooting Tips for Record Yourself Better With Your Smartphone

If interviewing, recording just one question at a time will help in the editing process making it easier to sort through your footage. When they finish talking press stop. If you are recording yourself consider breaking up your points.

Don’t go on too long, here we will specify how long you need to record.

If you mess up. (and you could!) Don’t worry. Just stop recording and then start with the question you’re on again. (another good reason for recording one question at a time).

Remember, there are no mistakes. All glitches will be edited out. Happy recording!

Now Record Yourself Better With Your Smartphone!


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