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Use Virtual Set Production to make gorgeous videos without the expense of a set

Using virtual sets UNIKRON can now place your talent into a high-end studio (or any other environment imaginable!) —without the expense, construction, and inflexibility of a physical set—no matter the size of your production space or its configuration.

How do virtual sets work?

UNIKRON's virtual sets are studios that allow backgrounds to be manipulated either in real-time or in post-production. Our virtual sets will alter your background or setting with all types of digital graphics, your own visual content, or unlimited visual effects and stock footage. All you need is well-configured lighting, a combination of one or two green screens or backdrops, and our UNIKRON Team will help turn your location into a sophisticated, network-style studio environment.

We will be happy to show you our multiple styles of virtual settings and how adding stunning backgrounds to your chroma key footage can transform a good production into the kind of impactful experience that your clients will love! Client: WESTGATE CONDOS Agency: RYAN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL Video Production: UNIKRON INC. Full Video


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