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UNIKRON | A Great Video Is Like A Great Recipe

A great video is like a great recipe.

It starts by bringing the right ingredients together and combining them in a colorful and professional way. Once the prep is done, the cooking can begin. When UNIKRON worked with Gay Lea Foods to create 20 unique recipe and great videos, the above parallel was never so apparent. Gay Lea brought the recipes, and we provided the production expertise. It was about a lot more than just cameras and lighting. Invited to the party by our frequent collaborator Agency 59, we supplied an entire team of experts to ensure the nished videos were as delicious as the dishes themselves. This included a Director, Cinematographer, Photographer, Food Stylist, Prop Specialist, Post-Production Team, Numerous Assistants and more. Part of what UNIKRON brings to the table is seamless collaboration between the Agency, Client and Production Specialists. Put simply, UNIKRON hit every area of the proverbial video food groups. By leveraging our convenient downtown location, fully equipped studio, and professional team, Gay Lea was able to showcase their recipes and meals in a gorgeous way, engaging their audience more effectively and memorably than text or still imagery could alone. We are pleased to have played a role in inspiring the next generation of Gay Lea Foods fans.

At Unikron We produce corporate, training or promotional videos, taking your project from initial concept through staging, video production, editing and broadcast. We can help manage and produce any video from start to finish.


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