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UNIKRON and Ryan Design are celebrating the BILD Award Winning Video for OPUS Homes

With over 20 years of industry experience, UNIKRON has become a leader in creating dynamic and engaging video productions that effectively convey brands' messages.

Ryan Design International, has collaborated with UNIKRON for more than 15 years. Together with Gerry Ryan and Linda O’Connor, they have achieved extraordinary success, culminating in their recent BILD Award Winning Video for OPUS Homes.

This is what Alex Weisz, President of UNIKRON

had to say about this project: Q: With UNIKRON having produced numerous real estate videos for developers in Canada, how did you ensure that the Opus Homes Corporate Video stood out? What unique aspects did you bring to this production? Alex- This story called for a more rooted family context. We could sense right from the start that the DeGasperis had a special pride for what they have created together. Q: Reflecting on your 15+ years of experience with Ryan Design, how has this long-term relationship influenced the way you approach projects like the Opus Homes video? Alex- After so many years of working together, we have learned to trust each other’s taste and vision. This helps the creative energy flow and working sessions become pleasant and extremely productive. Q: Considering the diversity and volume of real estate videos that UNIKRON has produced, what were the key elements you felt were necessary to include in this award-winning piece for it to resonate with the BILD jury? Alex- The love and admiration this second generation feel for their father, and how this emotion ripples throughout the entire company, must have touched some inner fibers. Q: What were some of the significant challenges you faced during this production and how did your past experiences in the industry help you overcome them? Alex- I wouldn’t call it a challenge, but it is always important to find the fine balance between proactiveness and following the lead, this was the case in a project such as Opus (where UNIKRON was acting as a production company hired by an agency, in this case, Ryan Design International) But as I said, collaborating with Linda O’Connor, Gerry and Kelly Ryan, always works like a charm.

Linda O'Connor Ryan Design, & Alex Weisz, UNIKRON Inc.

This is what Brenton Richards, senior Video Editor at UNIKRON

had to say about the editing process:

“Creating a video for Opus Holmes was an exciting project that required us to pay attention to various elements, such as the pacing, the shot composition, and above all, the emotion. Our goal was to craft a story that would resonate with the viewers and make them feel what we envisioned.

Opus is a family-oriented company that cares about its clients and wants to welcome them into their community. That’s why we chose music that matched their tone and personality, showcasing their business and their purpose in a compelling way. ”

Brenton Richard, Senior Editor -UNIKRON


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