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Unikron - Chevrolet Canada: EV Volt

Chevrolet Canada

The Biggest Launch in Chevrolet's History!

Unikron is streaming the biggest launch in Chevrolet's history. Live on October 4th, 2011!

Less than three years after its parent company almost disappeared, Chevrolet Canada is launching three new cars this week with an ad campaign so large that it will be virtually impossible to avoid.

Stretching across all of the national broadcast and specialty television networks, with complementary buys on high-traffic Web portals including,,, and a one-day takeover of YouTube's Canadian homepage, the campaign seeks to buff Chevrolet's tarnished brand by introducing the turbo-charged subcompact Sonic, the family-friendly Orlando crossover, and the brand's highly anticipated electric-and-gas Volt.

"It's the biggest launch in Chevrolet's history," said Mike Speranzini, the director of advertising and communications for General Motors of Canada Ltd. "By the time you're eating Thanksgiving dinner next weekend, our estimate is 95 per cent of Canadians (18 years and older) will have been exposed to Sonic, Orlando, and Volt."


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