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Unikron - ICA 2011

Advertising Week 2011

Unikron is a major sponsor of the ICA's Advertising Week 2011, January 24-28, and is providing live webcasting and video production services at all venues including the ROM, MaRS Centre, SONY Centre and the Arcadian Court.

ICA 2011

Sergio Lasky, Alex Weisz, Miles Nadal, & Manuel Rodriguez So far, Unikron has had the honour of working with notable Canadian's, including, Miles Nadal of MDC Partners, Justin Trudeau and Gene Simmons (not a Canadian but his wife is from Newfoundland).

Unikron - ICA 2011

Google has commissioned Unikron to produce a Webcast that can be viewed on The Globe and Mail and ICA websites.

Unikron invites you to view today's live webcast from the ROM - 'The Future of Display Ads' today at 4PM ET and available afterwards On Demand!


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