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Unikron is in the November cover of Latinos Magazine Toronto

Latinos Magazine Toronto

UNIKRON is a video production and content agency that began 14 years ago with three Latino-Canadians that believed there was strength in unity. Today they are still making great strides, managing to reach customers in Canada, the U.S. and the world.

When Unikron began in 2002, they worked mainly for Latino customers. They still remember the websites and videos that they made for Toni Reyes, Telelatino and Lupe Ledesma, among others. One day they decided to change their marketing approach, not because they wanted to, but because destiny kept pushing them to deal with more and more Canadian customers.

For years, they worked for the biggest builders in the GTA, making them videos and websites. In 2008 with the economic recession, they became more versatile and diversified their portfolio by working in several markets. In 2009, they made an incursion in the digital and interactive world, to “update or die.” Before customers only needed, today it must be interactive in different platforms and formats, it is what makes Unikron.


Alex tells us that they have worked for the Rogers Cup, NHL and NFL, which has given them the opportunity to make their interactive videos in hopes that people will better engage and interact with brands.

The same is applied to industries such as construction and pharmaceuticals.

A quality product is destined for success in Canada and anywhere in the world. They have had success thanks to the quality of their work and the way they approach each project with a seriousness. Some weeks they may so busy that they are working simultaneously in Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and Latin America.

For Unikron its Latin roots are basic, they value and do not neglect their beginnings and as Alex tells us: “We cannot always be watching the rear view mirror. We have to look ahead with optimism, reinvent and change habits, understand that the first world rules are different. We have to work hard to earn our dues.”

Talking to this trio, is it was easy to tell that they were overflowing with emotion about their projects, but what unites them is the passion they have for what they do. In each project they give their soul. It doesn’t mat

ter if they have to climb a a wall to change a light bulb, hold a wire or grab a camera, they are ready to do anything for their clients.

UNIKRON is a brand that distinguishes itself from others. They offer passion in every project, no matter how big or small. Every day is very different for these three. The variety of projects makes them enjoy their work and they do not wish to change it for anything. They are always re inventing themselves and inventing new things, always looking for the customer’s benefit and seeing each project as another child. And I say child because their relationship is similar to that of a marriage - and like a marriage, sometimes it is difficult to spend so much time together, but they told us that the most important thing they have going for them is communication. They don’t go home upset, or keep things that bother them bottled up inside. This is the reason UNIKRON has been a success for the past 14 years.

Alex Weisz was born in Nicaragua but spent his formative years in Mexico. He started his career in the production and communication areas of the industry. He has 25 years of experience in television and video and 30 years in business management. As a partner and owner of Unikron, Weisz provides innovation, diversification and organization needed by the company. He enjoys good music, food and a good wine, playing tennis and golf and above all to spending quality time with his family. These past 17 years in Canada have changed his life completely, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Manuel, One of the founders and partners of the company, Rodriguez started out in computer science. He is dedicated to creating a technological vision for the company and so far it has worked, having reached customers such as Google, Bombardier, the American Library Association and the Toronto 2015 Pan Am games.

One word to describe Rodriguez is “energetic.” He enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis and a good game of chess. He also enjoys dancing, particularly salsa and an evening of networking with friends.

Sergio Lasky is Mexican-born and came to Canada 16 years ago, with experience in graphic design and business management. He is an important part of the company’s vision and is a good businessman with financial companies among other clients. His vision has brought great results to the company.

Yoga is everything for Lasky, he enjoys spending time meditating and appreciating the small things in life. He was recently recognized by Latinos Magazine as one of the 10 most successful Mexicans in Canada. The issue was distributed in The Globe & Mail newspaper to mark the 70th anniversary of trade relations between Mexico and Canada.


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