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One size CAN fit all...

We all know that creating great content is essential for connecting with and engaging your community. And we know that video is a fantastic way to really get your message across. Figuring out how to use video effectively is the challenge.

As you consider creating video content this year, you may wonder whether to dazzle everyone with a stunning corporate video or instead, focus on brief and targeted social media videos, designed to send content quickly, efficiently and in real-time? No company has unlimited budget for marketing and choosing well matters to your bottom line.

The good news is that if you do your video right you don’t have to choose. A well-crafted corporate video can be repurposed into social media videos, advertising spots and more. Our advice is to take the time and consider what your larger business goals are, as well as what key messages you want to communicate to your community of customers, employees, etc. Then, make sure your corporate video clearly presents your story and messages. Breaking out videos for lots of other uses is easy if the upfront strategy makes sense.

Here’s are some great examples of social media videos that come from a corporate video.

Whatever you’re working on this year, we’d love to help you tell your unique story. Great video content helps reinforce and strengthen your brand, drive website/social traffic and ultimately increase sales.

Let’s talk about how you can shine in 2020.


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