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UNIKRON helps google launch GYBO in Montreal

Google reports over 57,000 concurrent viewers within the first 4

minutes of the March 29th Webcast from the Distillery in Toronto.

Google is using Unikron to launch a new program (GYBO) to help entrepreneurs engage the more than 80% of Canadians currently online.

GYBO in Montreal

Watch in HD the LIVE broadcast of the 'Canada Get Your Business Online' launch event TODAY - delivered by UNIKRON

Tune in at 5:30pm ET on March 31st to hear from top business leaders, learn why it's critical to be online, and be the first to know what Google and our partners are doing to get every Canadian business online.

Unikron will be delivering this Live Webcast on March 31st for Google from the Olympia Theatre in Montreal.



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